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Workshops & Special Events

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How to Shift Your Focus and Improve Your Mindset 

Your Focus = Your Reality

w/ Molly Duncan

Mon, May 15, 6:30-8p @ The Studio
(120 S. Center St.) 

Molly Duncan of Tattoos of My Soul will be visiting to talk about surviving a traumatic experience in 2020. She will talk about how her focus was very negative and fear-based immediately following the event, and how she was eventually able to shift her perspective to improve her mindset for a better quality of life. She will offer some simple and very applicable tools and strategies you can use to shift your focus daily! 

This is a FREE event. To register, click here: 

Yoga 101

w/ Julie Fasick-Johnson

Mondays, 6:45-8p
Mon, Jun 5 through Mon, Jul 17
@ The Studio
(120 S. Center St.) 

Yoga 101 is great if you're new to the practice, or you need a refresher. Julie will teach you the basics of yoga and help you integrate those concepts into your personal practice. 


Class starts on Monday, June 5th and runs through July 17th. This is a 6 week session course that builds on concepts learned in each class.


Cost is $75 for the 6 week session. To register, click here:

Cost is $60 for seniors (65+). To register, click here:

Sunflower at Stella

w/ Casey Moorman

Tues, Jun 20, 6-7p
@ Stella Bleu Bistro 
(20 N. Fountain Ave.)

Join us for a special yoga session on the patio at Stella Bleu! Cost includes a cocktail or special drink after practice. 

Cost is $20. To register, click here: 

Face & Neck Exercise 101: Facercise 

w/ Andrew Brody

Sat, Jun 24, 1-2:30p
@ The Studio (120 S. Center St.) 

A fresh and new face exercise workshop! Bring a mirror for this class!  


Learn to use specific attention and isolation of the face and neck muscles with exercises to maximize the tone, contractibility, and definition of your facial appearance. You’ll also learn resistance techniques using hands and fingers paired with stretches of various muscle groups. 


Receive a complimentary Google Meet with Andrew to follow up 2 weeks after class!


Cost is $35.  To register, click here:

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Healing Wounds of the Past: Reiki's Role in Healing the Inner Child

w/ Mandy Carter

Sun, Jun 25, 2-3:30p
@ The Studio (120 S. Center St.) 

In this workshop, we will delve into the significance of the inner child and how it shapes our emotional and spiritual well-being. Through the gentle energy of Reiki, we will explore techniques and practices aimed at nurturing and healing the inner child, ultimately fostering a sense of wholeness, joy, and emotional liberation. Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and healing!

Cost is $20. To register, click here: 

Yoga in the Park 

Instructor TBD

Mon, Jun 26, 5:30-6:30p
@ Veteran's Park Stage
(250 Cliff Park Rd.)  

Yoga in the park is back! Join a Sunflower instructor for an hour-long vinyasa practice by the amphitheater stage. Please bring your yoga mat and a water bottle. 


Cost is FREE, donations are accepted. 

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