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Workshops & Special Events


Face & Neck Exercise 101: Facercise

w/ Andrew Brody 

Sat, Mar 18, 1-2:30p @ The Studio
(120 S. Center St.)

The face is the window to the world. Keeping the face “in shape” is an important form of self-care and fitness specialty. Anatomy studies and education of the facial muscle structures enhance the mind-muscle connection. 


In this workshop, you’ll learn to use specific attention and isolation of the face and neck muscles with exercises to maximize the tone, contractibility, and definition of your facial appearance. You’ll also learn resistance techniques using hands and fingers paired with stretches of various muscle groups. 

Cost is $35. To register, click here: 

Spring Equinox Yin

w/ Maria McCarty

Mon, Mar 20, 7-8p
@ The Studio (120 S. Center St.)

The Spring Equinox occurs when the Sun crosses the celestial equator going south to north. This results in the Northern Hemisphere tilting more toward the Sun, resulting in increasing number of daylight hours which indicates that Spring has arrived! Join Maria for a relaxing Yin practice to usher in this long-awaited Spring season. 

Cost is $15. To register, click here: 

Spring Cleansing: For A Body that Shines Brighter than the Sun

A Reiki Workshop

w/ Mandy Carter 

Sun, Mar 26, 2-3:30p @ The Studio
(120 S. Center St.) 

Learn how to use Reiki to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, as well as how to incorporate self-care practices into your daily routine. You will also discover how to harness the power of your own breath and intention to release tension, calm your mind, and restore balance to your body. This event is open to people of all skill levels, no prior experience with Reiki is necessary.

Cost is $20. To register, click here: 

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