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About Us

Sunflower Yoga is an all-inclusive space in the heart of downtown Springfield offering a wide range of instruction including yoga, Pilates and even a little Zumba!  


We offer workshops, guided meditation and wellness classes and strive to be a safe, comfortable place for you to strengthen the heart, mind, body, and spirit.  Classes are held throughout the week Monday thru Sunday. We offer something for everyone, from kids to adults.  


About Becky


I started doing yoga in 2017 during a time when I was dealing with anxiety and depression. It was like my body had taken over and I could not control the increased heart rate, insomnia and fear of simple things like driving on the highway or teaching a fitness class.  I felt paralyzed, thinking, “what the heck is going on with me?!  This is not me!”


I began doing daily meditation and breathing exercises as well as yoga and, well I admit, taking a small dose of anxiety medicine, too!, I started attending yoga classes at different local studios.  I learned so much from the different instructors.  I realized that yoga was not some mystic, eastern religion- based practice but a way to incorporate breathing, movement and postures that strengthened my mind and body.  I also learned that I was not going to be required to twist my body like a pretzel!  The calm with which the classes were taught as well as the empowerment to honor my body and move in a way that felt good to me was so refreshing and, yes, enlightening!  While strength is required for certain moves, so is being mindful and breathing through those moves at a pace that feels good and does not cause pain.


I have been a fitness instructor in some sense for the past 35 years.  I started teaching in college during the Jane Fonda, big hair and leggings fitness days.  Since then, I have created classes in Europe, Central and South America as well as here in the good ole U.S. of A.  Being active has always been important to me.  I believe our bodies were created for movement.  


Opening Sunflower Yoga is the culmination of 40 years of preparation (like Moses in the Bible before the Exodus!).  I hope that my experience, strength and hope will be a blessing to all who stop by to take in a session, attend a wellness class or come to a quiet place to think or meditate.  Be sure to come check out the courtyard garden once the weather warms!  Hope to see you soon!  ~Becky

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