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Our Instructors

Sandra Barletto

Sandie became a certified yoga instructor in 2008 after decades of following her own personal practice.  As a RYT 200 instructor her training is specific to the lineage of BKS lyengar (a physical Hatha Yoga style supported by the means of a practice that embraces the use of props).  Other yoga certifications include three areas of deep interest: Yoga for Cancer (Y4C) Restorative Yoga and Children’s Yoga. What she loves most about yoga practice is “the beautiful feeling of surrender.”

Andrew Brody

Andrew's career path started in health care as an occupational therapy assistant in 2000. He expanded into preventative & holistic health as a personal fitness trainer in 2018. Since the pandemic, Andrew expanded into Pilates & Medical Qigong instruction. He currently is a full-time esthetician student at the Cincinnati Institute of Esthetics and Nails. 


Julie Fasick-Johnson

Julie has been a yoga teacher for over 8 years.  She has taught a variety of classes but has found the gentle flow to be where her heart is.  Her yoga class is accessible to anyone who is new to yoga or for those who have a regular yoga practice.  The class is designed to encourage each person to move with more ease, improve their balance and increase their strength and overall flexibility while enhancing their mind/body/spirit connection through their practice.  The practice is not ever about perfection, but, as Rachel Held Evans said, “it’s called a practice because it’s an act of training, a discipline to do something we’re not naturally inclined to do”.   Julie loves to show each student how, as their practice incorporates breath awareness, postures and mindful movement it helps them be more relaxed, sleep better, move easier and welcome themselves back home to the individual they are. 

Alix Haucke-Payton

Alix has practiced Barre for several years and finally received her certification through Barre Eclipse in 2022. She has been a personal trainer for over 20 years and has always been involved in fitness.

She loves Barre for its fun, fast moving, non-impact full body workout. Barre is for everyBODY and leaves you feeling exhausted yet invigorated. 

Maria McCarty

Maria started practicing yoga 25 years ago using DVDs and videos with Jennifer Kries, a ballerina. The practice incorporated vinyasa yoga, Pilates, jazz dance, ballet, chi gong and her favorite, yin yoga.  Yin Yoga incorporates deep stretches held for several minutes that target our body’s energy channels, from Chinese medicine.  She has been active all her life – starting ballet at age 3 then, doing dance, gymnastics, tennis and swimming. Maria used to run and is an avid rollerblader. These days, though, she wants to focus on yoga exclusively.  Maria hopes to develop her flexibility as well as experience mindfulness and live fully in the present.


Casey Moorman

Casey came to yoga in 2012 as a way to calm her anxious mind.  Through movement and breathwork, she was able to integrate the concept of mindfulness into her life both on and off the mat.  She completed her 200-Hour yoga teacher training in 2015 and has been teaching since 2016.  She currently teaches a Vinyasa-style Flow and Chair Yoga.  Casey’s goal as a teacher is to provide a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable and supported in their practice.  


Karina Escobar Ramirez

Karina is from Mexico City, Mexico.  Her first language is Spanish, and she will teach her classes in Spanish.  She has a passion for Shakti Naam Yoga and will be teaching various methods of breathing while incorporating mudras (symbolic gestures often practiced with the hands and fingers that facilitate the flow of energy in the body one’s journey) and mantras (a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to “vehicle of the mind.”  A mantra is any word, phrase, or sound that helps to keep your mind focused.)  She has lived in the United States for 3 years.  She has been studying English as a Second Language at the Warder Literacy Center and is pursuing her certification in Shakti Naam Yoga instruction.  

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