Our Classes

Sunflower Yoga in Springfield, Ohio offers a wide range of classes including yoga, Zumba and Pilates.  Take a moment to read about each class and decide which will be best for your specific needs and abilities.  We're excited to offer Barre classes soon!


Bobby's Back & Hip Release  Saturdays @ 7:00 am Taught by Bobby Chadeayne, Personal Trainer, Springfield Health & Fitness

YIN YOGA (All levels)

Yin Yoga provides a slower and more meditative style of yoga.  In Yin, different poses are held for longer periods of time for a deeper stretch.  In these classes a pose is usually held for 1 – 2 minutes but can sometimes be held for up to 5 minutes in duration.  The purpose of holding poses for long periods of time is to target the deeper tissues in our body, our connective tissue, ligaments, joints and fascia.  In Yin Yoga philosophy, it's believed that a static pose is a safer way to apply stress to the joints. Benefits include increased flexibility, circulation and concentration.  Yin also improves mobility in the body and joints as well as the health of tissues, fascia and joints.  It is a good start for athletes such as cyclists, runners and crossfitters and weight lifters.  Maria is excited about sharing this deeply restorative practice with you!



A gentle or slow flow incorporates hatha yoga styles to encourage each individual to explore their body as they incorporate breath awareness, postures and mindful movement.  A flow practice encourages each person to move with more ease, improve their balance, increase their strength and overall flexibility while welcoming the mind, body, spirit connection found in their practice.  We will have a variety of Slow and Gentle Flows (that may also have Vinyasa in the title as well) taught by several of our instructors – Kara, Melanie, Sandra, Sarah and Jordann who will each bring their own style and giftedness to these yoga sessions!  

HATHA YOGA (All Levels)

Hatha = strong, willful, or forceful

Hatha Yoga encompasses many general styles of yoga, with a broad definition derived from ancient yogic texts.  The breathing exercises in combination with physical poses, Hatha yoga seeks to cleanse and connect the mind and body. Pranayama (breath) and asanas (poses) are the most widely recognized parts of Hatha yoga.  A class that is titled “Hatha” is usually a gentle level class with basic yoga poses.  This type of class would not be considered a high energy class, such as a power or hot yoga class.  

Hatha yoga styles to encourage each individual to explore their body as they incorporate breath awareness, postures and mindful movement.  The practice encourages each person to move with more ease, improve their balance, increase their strength and overall flexibility while welcoming the mind, body, spirit connection found in their practice. Julie and Adrienne love Hatha Yoga practice and can’t wait to share with you as you begin or continue your yoga journey here at Sunflower!


VINYASA YOGA (Level 2 or above)

Vi = sacred way, Asa = to place 

 Pronunciation:  VIN-yaa-saa

Like Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga (or Flow) also has a wide definition and encompasses many different sub genres.  Vinyasa is a “flow” between poses and classes include breathing techniques that focus on the transition of the flow between poses.  In Vinyasa, the synchronization of the breath and movement is an important part of the practice. A “Vinyasa Flow” focuses on the transition between poses and maintains a more rapid flow of movement through different postures.  Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga include increased muscle strength, flexibility, cardiovascular function, respiratory capacity and improved bone density.  Due to its faster class pace, many people are drawn to Vinyasa classes for its fitness applications. Logan and Kylie will be leading these more challenging but satisfying Vinyasa Flows!


POWER FLOW (Level 2 or above)

Power Flow or Power Vinyasa Flow is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements.  This type of yoga creates heat in the body which makes it a vigorous and revitalizing form of physical fitness.  It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina in one session. Niki and Becky look forward to motivating and challenging you with these invigorating and satisfying workouts! 


PILATES (All Levels)

Pilates is a form of exercise and body conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, mostly as a method of injury recovery for dancers.  Some of the principles that guide the Pilates method include concentration on each movement, use of the abdomen and low back muscles, flowing movement patterns that are precise and a steady and controlled breathing.  Pilates focuses more on muscle tone than building muscles and it specifically focuses on your core.  It can also give you more resilience and helps with your alignment in a way that improves your posture, leading you to walk straighter and sturdier.  Teresa believes deeply in the benefits of Pilates and is excited to share these workouts with you!



This class is an invitation to be gently guided toward renewing a healthy, positive relationship with one’s own body…a body that once had or has cancer.  A yoga practice that has been specifically designed for those touched by cancer. Yoga can teach you to strengthen the immune system as well as soften the worst effects of illness and treatments. 

On the mat you will learn how to flow and breathe with an asana practice. This active gentle movement on the mat supported by props allows yoga poses to be accessible and safe. You will experience the value of moving your bones and essential body fluid.  Inhale and exhale with each movement to expand oxygen saturation and quiet the mind which is the power of pranayama. Sandra  is deeply committed to those who need gentle movement in order to bring greater healing and a better outlook to their daily lives.


ZUMBA (All Levels)

Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin, Hip-Hop and international music with dance moves.   Zumba routines incorporate interval training alternating fast and slow rhythms to help improve cardiovascular health.  Zumba has been around since 2001.  It’s so much fun that you don’t realize the health benefits building and toning muscle and promoting flexibility as you do it.  Zumba is also a great way to decrease stress.  Kellye will inspire you to get your body moving and grooving for better stamina and health while having fun at the same time!

SHAKTI NAAM YOGA (Taught in Spanish by Karina Ramirez Escobar)

(Naam Yoga Practice and Pranayama)

Pranayama = control of the breath

Come to this easy to follow class!  Karina is learning English so will use a mix of both languages so you are able to follow.  Shakti Naam is a  yogic technology designed to expand mental and energetic capacity.  It focuses on deep breathing and stretching within yoga asanas, opening the meridians, stimulating the internal organs, expanding lung capacity, stretching the subtle body, and healing the mind.  This unique fusion of movement, breath, acupressure, stretching and vocal vibration, activates and strengthens the body's self-healing capacities and helps to increase one's life span- providing people of all ages with radiant health, happiness, and vitality. Class will involve standing postures with powerful breath work for detoxification, vitality and strength. Karina is a student at the Warder Literacy Center and is learning English as a Second Language.  Come support her endeavors!